Audio Noise Reduction Filter
The Timewave DSP-9+ is an audio noise filter for amateur radio voice, date and CW operation.
 It uses DSP algorithms to perform three basic functions: random noise reduction, adaptive multi-tone notch filtering and bandpass filtering.
The rear panel has jacks for audio input, line output and speaker output. Requires 12 VDC at 1 amp.

The Timewave DSP-9+ Version 3 features: remodulator for RTTY, improved data filters and improved noise reduction

The Timewave DSP-9 employs advanced digital signal processing technology for superior performance in reducing QRM and QRN.
 It provides optimum filtering for random noise reduction, heterodyne elimination and band pass filtering.
The front panel pushbutton switches enable quick, independent selection of all the functions of the DSP-9.
In the voice mode the operator can simultaneously select a bandpass filter, the tone notch filter and the random noise reduction filter.
This means you can reduce QRN, filter adjacent channel QRM and eliminate heterodynes at the same time!
The DSP-9 is compatible with all amateur radio transceivers and receivers.
Simply connect it between the radio and its speaker or headphones.
Requires 12 VDC at 1 amp. 5.9 x 1.9 x 6.7 inches. 2 Lbs.
 Front Panel controls: Volume, Bypass, Voice/CW switch, Random Noise Reduction,
Tone Noise Reduction, Filter Bandwidth.
Indicator LEDs: Overload and Normal. Rear panel jacks:
Audio input phono jack, speaker output phono jack and power in 5.5mm/2.1mm [+].


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