originally purchased first of this yr new in jan 2019 -
mint condition W/BOXES ETC
AMP SN#3692 TUNER SN#2773
customer traded for the kpa1500 i had
the cost of this package new is $2925

500+ Watts in a compact package the size of the K3S.
The 500-watt solid-state amp that integrates so well with your station, you’ll think it's reading your mind.

Exactly the same size as the K3S transceiver, the KPA500 fills out our K3S-P3-KPA500 'K-Line'. The KPA500 features 160-6M coverage, instant RF-based band switching with any radio, alphanumeric status display, bright LED bar graphs, and a rugged, internal linear supply. The amp’s manual band switches may be used to directly change bands on the K3S. Also the K3S can even select per-band amplifier drive levels automatically when the amp is placed into operate mode, so you’ll rarely need to adjust power output.

But the KPA500 is not just limited to use with the K3S – it is fully compatible with most radios. (Only amplifier keying (PTT) and RF are required for operation including instant RF frequency sensing, fully automatic band switching.)

KPA500 Features:

  • 500W, Compact, Solid State FET amplifier for 160-6 m
  • Works and auto band selects with any radio that provides Key-Out and RF signals.
  • Exactly the same size as the K3S
  • 26 lbs, 12 kg
  • Internal low noise linear power supply: 100-120, 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz operation
  • Instant-on operation
  • Rugged, conservative design with smart soft and hard fault detection
  • Intelligently reduces power by 2.5 dB temporarily when presented with input overdrive or a high SWR, allowing you to quickly reduce your drive to compensate without dropping the amplifier off-line. The amp automatically recovers to full power once the soft fault condition is corrected.
  • Excessive overdrive or SWR events instantly place the amp safely into protective stand-by
  • Works with any radio that supplies PTT to Ground
  • Ultra high speed QSK. Silent, diode switched T/R
  • Super fast RF sensing band selection. Only PTT and RF required for fully automatic band changing operation.
  • Can receive band data information from most radios that supply it
  • Fully remote controllable
  • Six speed temperature sensing fan
  • Advanced integration with the K3S using the optional KPAK3AUX cable:
  • KPA500 band buttons drive the K3S band and drive level
  • Band data is sent from K3S to KPA500 before TX
  • PTT included in cable, external PTT cable not required
  • The K3S senses KPA500 operate/standby state and adjusts drive power between two memorized levels on each band.
  • Upgrading software in the KPA500, like our K3S and P3, takes just one click, thanks to our convenient KPA500 Utility PC application. T
  • Available as Factory Assembled, or as a Modular, No-Soldering Kit


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