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Shortwave Communications Receiver
The IC-R75 covers LW, MW and SW in all modes. It features: large LCD display, 99 alpha memories, keypad entry, squelch and clock timer. There are buttons for: AGC, NB, Preamp and Attenuator. does not have the optional  UT-106 DSP. The rear panel has SO-239 antenna inputs or Hi-Z and for other i/o. Radio includes owners manual and Icom AC power supply.

ICOM's HF receiver Cutting edge technology for today's serious DX'er, yet easy & affordable enough for casual listener use. Get 0.03 - 60.0 MHz Rx, triple conversion, auto notch filter, twin passband tuning, synchronous AM detection (S-AM), optional DSP, large, front mounted speaker, up to two optional filters, rugged construction, optional PC control...all at a suprisingly affordable price.


IC-R75 HF+50 MHz All mode Communcations Receiver

Wide frequency coverage and innovative features...

Expanded frequency coverage

The IC-R75 covers a frequency range that’s wider than other HF receivers; 0.03–60.000000 MHz*. This wide frequency coverage allows you to listen to a variety of communications including marine communications, amateur radio, short wave radio broadcasts and more.
*Guaranteed 0.1–29.99 MHz and 50–54 MHz onlyHigh stability receiver circuit

Icom’s latest wide band technology provides highly stable receive sensitivity over the entire receive frequency range. The IC-R75 makes it easy to catch communications world wide.

Superior dynamic range

A wide dynamic range of more than 100 dB*1, 104.5 dB*2 for 14 MHz band, 102.5 dB*2 for 50 MHz band, and a well-designed triple conversion system help minimize image and spurious responses for better signal fidelity.
*1 Not guaranteed.
*2 Not guaranteed; When PREAMP OFF; CW narrow 500 Hz bandwidth; 100 kHz channel spacing

Twin PBT capability

The PBT (passband tuning) function narrows and moves the IF passband at two stages to efficiently eliminate interfering signals.

DSP capabilities

DSP (Digital Signal Processor) filtering in the AF stage is available with the optional UT- 106 DSP UNIT*. The DSP provides the following functions:
* Already installed with some versions

Noise reduction:

Pulls desired AF signals from noise. Outstanding S/N ratio is achieved, providing clean audio in SSB, AM and FM. Pull weak signals right out of the noise.

Automatic Notch filter:

This automatically minimizes beat signals and protects the receive signal. Also, the notch frequency is automatically adjusted to follow interfering beat signals—reducing interference from RTTY signals during SSB operation for example.

FM mode standard

Unlike many other HF/50 MHz receivers there is no need to install an additional unit for FM mode reception on the 29 and 50 MHz bands.

Flexible filter selection

Up to two optional filters* can be installed, providing flexible band width selection and filter combinations.
*One each for 9 MHz and 455 kHz IF stage.

Alphanumeric readout

The function display has an alphanumeric readout that indicates up to 8-character memory names for easy recognition.

Selectable RF gain/squelch control

The RF gain and/or squelch control can be set to the [SQL] control in set mode to match your operating preference.

Other outstanding features…

  • Compact body
  • Digital bar S-meter with peak hold
  • Front mounted speaker for easy listening
  • Internal clock with ON/OFF, sleep timer
  • Numeric keypad for direct frequency or memory channel input
  • Attenuator • 2-level preamp
  • Selectable AGC (FAST/SLOW/OFF)
  • Noise blanker
  • 99 memories plus 2 program scan edges
  • Ample scanning functions available
  • CW pitch control and CW reverse mode

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