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PALSTAR AT4K 2500 Watt Antenna Tuner

The word is spreading about Palstar’s unique, high-end amateur radio products. Carrying on in the Palstar tradition for products of the highest quality designed by Hams for Hams. The American made AT4K tuner is no exception.

The American made AT4K is an impedance matching network that fills the void for a matching network that can provide unbalanced/balanced output. This is a one-of-a-kind unique dual-function high-power tuner in the American Ham tradition.The typical unbalanced tuner with a 4:1 balun at the OUTPUT exposes the balun to a wide variety of impedance and reactance that it was never designed to handle.

The solution: the AT4K. The AT4K T-matching network utilizes a 1:1 unbalanced-to-balanced transformer in the INPUT of the network. When the network is properly tuned, a 50 ohm impedance will be presented both to the input and output of the balun, which allows it to properly perform its important transformation job. Reviewed in the Sept 2004 edition of QST. Peak and Peak Hold dual cross-needle metering ($149.95 value found in our popular PM2000A wattmeter).

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