VERY CLEAN in the box

The iCM is fitted with a 8-foot length of Heilwire cable terminated in an 8-pin Foster connector wired for the Icom transceivers. A ¼" inline phone jack accepts PTT input from a footswitch (such as the Heil FS-2) or hand switch (e.g. the Heil HS-2). A "light Touch" PTT switch is mounted on the body of the iCM.

Base Microphone for Icom Transceivers

The iCM is a high-performance microphone specially designed for owners of earlier Icom transceivers that exhibit low gain in the microphone amplifier stage. Not a cheap electret microphone, the iCM utilizes a high-quality condenser element with a broad frequency response (35 Hz to 12 kHz) and high output that is crafted for compatibility with these Icom transceivers.

The iCM, designed with close collaboration with Icom's engineering team, is housed in a beautiful platinum-finish enclosure ideal for hand-held use or for mounting on a boom or desk stand. The iCM is shipped with a microphone clip compatible with Heil Sound base stands and booms.

The optional SM-1 Shock Mount is a popular accessory for the iCM, as it suppresses vibrations that can be picked up from accessories like amplifier or computer fans, etc.

To make your older Icom rig "sing" like never before, you need the high-performance iCM Microphone. . .only from Heil Sound!

Available Accessories

  • CC-1 Series Heilwire Adapter Cable (XLR to 8-pin Mic Plug)
  • CB-1 PTT or CB-1 Classic Base Stand
  • PL-2T "Topless" Articulated Boom
  • SB-2 Short Boom
  • SM-1 Shock Mount
  • FS-2 Foot Switch
  • HS-2 Hand Switch
  • Heilwire Microphone Cable

Note: The iCM is designed for Icom transceivers only

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