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MightyLite™ 35 Amp Switching Power Supply

MFJ-4235MV can power your HF or VHF/UHF mobile or base transceiver with an output of 30 Amps continuous and 35A surge.
You can vary the voltage from 4.0 to 16 Volts with 1% voltage regulation. MFJ-4235MV features less than 9 mV peak-to- peak ripple at the rated load.
MFJ’s Exclusive Hash-SQUASH™ Filtering system eliminates RF hash that plagues other manufacturer’s switching power supplies.
MFJ-4235MV has no RF hash in the ham bands!
It features switchable AC input from 90 to 125 or 200 to 240 Volts.
It has an easy-to-replace external replaceable fuse.
MFJ-4235MV is fully protected with short circuit, over-load and over-temperature protection systems; your power supply will be safe from any over-heating or
other problems with your equipment; it will shut down before any harm comes to it.
It also has an auto-restart after a fault.
Attractive front panel features multi-color current and voltage meters with backlight; makes it easy to monitor simultaneously.
It has a power on and Fault LED indicator for a quick warning sign of any trouble that might come your way.
Output connectors feature one pair of 5-way binding posts for your rig, a low amperage cigarette lighter socket and quick connect terminals for any accessories.
 Also has one pair of 5-way binding posts for auto-mobile battery charging.
Whisper-quiet cooling fan keeps your components cool and safe for operating.
weighs just 4 lbs. measures 7" x 4 ¼" x 8 ¾".

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