just the unit & ps - no manual or cables


  • Works will over 2000 different radios as supplied.
  • Works with any computer that has sound and USB or serial connections.
  • Supplied with both a standard DB9 RS232 serial cable and USB cable interface (supported for Mac (OS9,10), Linux, Windows (98SE - Vista 32 and 64 bit)! May be used old or new computers with your choice of USB or RS232 DB9 serial.
  • Complete with 8pin screw on and RJ45 radio mic. cable compatibility. (4pin round screw on mic connector adaptor kit available as an option).
  • Fully automatic operation; your mic. always works, your computer always works, no manual switching, no plugging or unplugging.
  • Built in rig control, RS232 to TTL interface tested with Icom and Yaesu; compatible with Ten Tec.
  • Rig control is possible along with sound card PTT control and CW keying on a SINGLE serial port using Hamscope or MixW software.
  • Rig control, FSK keying and sound operation is supported using two serial ports or when using two separate programs.
  • Your microphone may be bridged to computer as well as radio for on-the-fly digital recording.
  • Transmit speech processing is done by looping mic. audio through the sound card using appropriate EQ and compression software. Voice Shaper by VE3NEA is an amazing free program for this.
  • Plug in 2nd mic. jack allows instant automatic switch over to a headset mic. without unplugging your main mic.
  • Both 1/4" and 1/8" front panel headphone jacks to monitor computer receive and transmit audio; no searching for adaptors. These connections facilitate using DSP receive audio software.
  • Computer speaker PTT activated mute-on-transmit works with speech processing and for general sound card operation.
  • Four ways to connect the receive audio from your radio: direct, mic jack, line out, speaker out. A radio speaker loop jack is included.
  • Fully automatic operation; your mic. always works, your computer always works, no manual switching, no plugging or unplugging, ever.
  • On/Off switch. You mic. works normally with other functions disabled (other RIGblaster use less than 0.1 watt so do not need this switch).
  • No extra manual selector switches needed, three DPDT relays for true automatic operation, unlike other sound card interfaces.
  • Simpler operation than the other brands, you never have to remember to push un-needed switches to make your station work.
  • PTT override feature; your mic. can always override the computer, perfect for contesting or SSTV operation.
  • PTT interrupt feature; your mic. can stop the computer program, our innovation.
  • Automatic switching between your mic. and the computer; never a hot mic.
  • You may always leave it connected, your computer and radio work exactly like they did before, no bypass switch required.
  • Fully isolated CW keying output for direct keying of your rig's CW. This jack is for use with non-sound card software using serial DTR control.
  • Fully isolated FSK keying output for direct keying of your rig's FSK jack. This jack is for use with non-sound card software using serial TXD control.
  • Front panel LED indicators show whether computer audio or mic. audio is routed to the radio.
  • Front panel LED indicator shows if the computer audio is present at an adequate level for transmit or receive.
  • Front panel LED indicators show PTT, CW and FSK activation status making it easy to check the operation of your software.
  • Front panel audio drive control allows setting the transmit audio from the computer to your radio without fumbling with your mouse.
  • Dual rear panel RCA PTT jacks provide for a foot switch, amplifier and sequencer connections. This supports our PPT override and interrupt features.
  • Proven performance, over 30 Thousand on-the-air! Compatible with almost every radio and every sound card equipped computer.
  • Works with EVERY present or future ham radio sound card program!
  • Properly matched and RF suppressed audio for your radio.
  • Total ground loop isolation using 3 shielded isolation transformers, 3 optoisolators, 3 relays and an isolating DC to DC converter.
  • Easier hookup thanks to our fully isolated audio and computer keying circuits.
  • Far and away the easiest to use, most complete and up to date CD, included for free.
  • Supplied with everything that you need to get on the air with sound card software.
  • Effective RFI suppression to eliminate RF in the audio, proven in over 30,000 installations.
  • Positive and fully automatic PTT control supported almost 100 ham programs, no illegal or spurious signals due to built in sound card VOX operation.
  • Leaves your computer's sound functioning exactly as before unlike external sound chip interfaces.
  • Supplied in sturdy 1/16" aluminum case, powder coat painted and silk screened. No plastic pill boxes, sharp edges or plastic coated metal.
  • Double sided 1/16" fiberglass plated through, solder masked and silk screened printed circuit board. Stainless steel and black anodized stainless steel hardware.
  • The only interface with available quick change mic. cables to easily switch to 6 pin Modular (Yaesu) or 4 pin screw on mic. connector radios. (RJ45 and 8 pin round cables included).
  • Connectors for all wires with no wires sticking through holes to get frayed and break loose.
  • Limited one year parts and labor guarantee, you pay only one way shipping.
  • Step by step illustrated instruction manual on CD.
  • Extensive online support.

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