The Yaesu SP-6 is a base speaker with audio filtering. It features a inch headphone jack on the front panel.
Input A or B or may be selected. There is a multi-position Low Cut Filter knob and High Cut Filter knob.
The SP-6 rear panel has RCA phono jacks for Input A, Input B and Line Out. It features a metal cabinet and metal grille.
The two front feet have a riser function to tilt the speaker upwards.
The SP-6 has the DSP-59Y internal DSP installed 8 x 5.75 x 12 inches.
DSP-59Y Info
. The Timewave DSP-59Y uses digital signal processing technology to provide optimum filters for random noise reduction,
heterodyne elimination, highpass filtering, lowpass filtering, and bandpass filtering.
The DSP-59Y also has a built in RTTY modem. The RTTY modem demodulates received RTTY,
audio tones and generates audio frequency shift keyed signals.
A third option within Data mode is the RTTY remodulator mode.
This is a special receiving mode that regenerates the data tones to send them to an external modem.
This filter is designed to be housed inside the popular Yaesu SP-5 or SP-6 speaker.
The speaker is included. The controls are all available on the front panel. The rear panel has connections for the radio.

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