Collins R-388

Collins R-388 is a 30 band receiver that covers 540 kc to 30.500 mc. The receiver will readout out to 1 kc for extremely good frequency accuracy. The band width ranges from .2khz to 6 khz in 5 steps via xtal phasing. The unit is extremely stable. It is designed to receive AM/CW/MCW, you can receive SSB by turning the RF gain control down and the AF gain up. The receiver is the military equivalent to the Collins 51J-3 commercial receiver except it is built to military specifications.

Technical Characteristics
Frequency range .5 Mc to 30.5 Mc
Receiver type Single, double or triple conversion superheterodyne
IF frequency 500 Kc
Number of tubes 18
Tuning Linear, divided into thirty 1 Mc tuning steps
Method of calibration Built-in crystal oscillator (100 Kc)
Frequency stability Over-all stability within 1 Kc for average conditions; within 2 Kc for extreme conditions
Output impedances 4 and 600 Ohm
Antenna input impedance Unbalanced to match short whip antenna (50 Ohm, 100 uuF)
Power requirements 85 W at 115 or 230 VAC, 45 to 70 cps
Weight 35 pounds

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