IC 820H


CLEAN - TT mic/manual/pwr cord
it did get a little curchunk but that is now masked and it looks pretty good

The Icom IC-820H 2M/440 all-mode transceiver was built with state-of-the-art construction. Output level High on VHF 144-148 MHz is 45W SSB, 35W FM/CW. Output on UHF 430-450 MHz is 40W SSB, 30W FM/CW. Output level Low is 6 watts. Satellite operation on the IC-820 includes normal and reverse tracking for different modes of satellite communications; independent uplink/downlink control for Doppler shift compensation, separate satellite VFO and 10 satellite memories provide quick switching from normal to satellite operation as well easy recall of satellite uplink and downlink frequencies. This radio has independent controls and indications for both bands. Other features include: IF shift, 9600 baud Packet ready, AF speech compression, noise blanker, RIT and CW semi-breakin and sidetone.



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