The SGC ADSP2 speaker has SGC's state-of-the-art ADSP2 filtering technology. You can select from three modes of operation, no noise reduction, the original ADSP, and the new ADSP2 noise reduction modes which provides up to 26 dB of noise reduction within the passband. The ADSP2 Speaker is One-Touch simple to operate. The quality, black metal enclosure features a wired cable for audio input (mono mini plug) and for 12 VDC input (red and black wires). The stand is adjustable.

ADSP2 Specifications


Levels of Noise Reduction   2 [X1 and X2]
Noise Reduction X1: 13 dB X2: 26 dB
Time Delay X1: 6.5 ms X2: 13 ms
Tone Rejection X1: -50 dB X2: -65 dB
Out of band Rejection -45 dB
Speaker 120 mm
Minimum Input 100 mv RMS
Maximum Input 5 volts RMS Max.
Output Power   5 Watts RMS Max.
Required Power 13.8 VDC 110 to 500 ma raw red and black wires
Size 5 x 3 x 2.5 inches
Weight 11 oz.

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