SignaLink Model SL-1+
Sound Card - Radio Interface

  • No Serial or USB Port Required
  • Complete Radio Isolation
  • Adjustable Rx & Tx Levels
  • Variable Transmit Delay
  • Works with ALL Radios
  • Uses Mic, Data, or Accy Port
  • Supports All Available Digital
    and Voice Modes

SignaLink USB FAQ 

The SignaLink SL-1+ provides all the features of our original SignaLink Model SL-1, "plus" more!  With full support for ALL radio Mic, Data, and Accessory Ports, the SL-1+ can be attached to the radio's Mic jack, or to the back of the radio (Data or Accy Port), so that you can keep your microphone plugged in!  This permits easy switching from Voice to Digital operation (great for SSTV!), and provides the same functionality as other more expensive interfaces.

In addition to supporting all available Digital modes, the SignaLink SL-1+ supports the latest Voice modes such as Internet Repeater Linking (EchoLink®, VOIP, etc.), Remote Base, and Voice Keyer operation.  Performance on these modes has been optimized by improving the sensitivity of our Auto-PTT circuit, and by the addition of a front panel selectable Variable Transmit Delay.   This variable delay is set at the factory for typical Voice applications, but can easily be adjusted to suit the operator's preference.

To make the installation of the SignaLink SL-1+ as easy as possible, we offer a large selection of fully assembled radio cables.   Cables are available for all of the common base/mobile Mic, Data, and Accessory Ports.  With the exception of our 13-pin cables, ALL of our radio cables are universal, and will work with ANY RADIO that uses the same connector type.  Our 13-pin cables are available in two specific configurations, one for Kenwood radios, and one for ICOM radios (they are not interchangeable).

The SignaLink SL-1+ comes fully assembled and tested.  It employs "State Of The Art" Surface Mount construction, and Robotic Assembly for maximum performance and reliability.  All components are of the highest quality, and every unit must pass stringent quality control and inspection standards.  We invite you to compare every aspect of the SignaLink to other sound card interface products.  We think you will agree that nothing else offers the same level of innovation, quality, and value! 


  • No Serial Port Required - All SignaLink models incorporate a unique Auto-PTT™ circuit that eliminates the need to connect to a computer Serial RS-232 Port like other units.  The Auto-PTT™ circuit automatically detects transmissions from the sound card and activates the radio's PTT circuit.  A front panel "Delay" switch is provided to select optimum triggering in Digital and Voice modes.

  • Improved Auto-PTT™ Sensitivity - The SL-1+ offers a significantly more sensitive Auto-PTT™ circuit than our original SignaLink.  This insures compatibility with virtually all sound cards, including those with unusually low output levels (common on new laptops and some new desktops).  This increased sensitivity also greatly improves performance on voice modes where the signal levels vary widely in amplitude.

  • Complete Isolation - Unlike other interfaces "claiming" to provide isolation, all SignaLink models "truly" isolate your computer from your radio.  This eliminates troublesome ground loops and prevents hum and noise from degrading the signals.


  • Adjustable Receive and Transmit Audio Levels - Internal "TX Level" and "RX Level" controls insure compatibility with virtually all radio Mic, Data, and Accessory ports.  In addition, these controls permit most users to set their Transmit Audio level one time, and then switch between Digital and Voice modes without having to re-adjust the radio's Mic Gain control.  The Receive Audio level can also be set for "listening comfort", while still providing the correct signal level to the computer.


  • Uses the Radio's Mic, Data, or Accessory Port - While the original SignaLink was designed specifically for use with the radio's Mic jack, the SL-1+ can be attached to your radios Mic, Data, or Accessory port!  This permits most users to attach the SL-1+ to the back of the radio (Data or Accessory Port) and leave their microphone plugged in!


  • Selectable Fixed or Variable Transmit "Hang Time" Delay - To provide optimum performance in all Digital and Voice modes, the front panel "Delay" switch lets you select between a fixed short delay, and a variable long delay.  The fixed short delay is approximately 28 ms, and is ideal for modes that require fast switching times (packet, etc.).  The variable delay is adjustable from 300 ms to 3 seconds, and is perfect for slow CW and all Voice modes (Repeater Linking, Remote Base, Voice Keyer, etc.).


  • Supports All Available Data & Voice Modes - The SL-1+ supports ALL Digital and Voice modes that are available for sound card interfaces.  This includes ALL traditional modes such as CW, RTTY, AMTOR, and SSTV (to name a few), and ALL new modes such as PSK-31, MT-63, and Internet Repeater Linking.


  • External Speaker Support - If you like to listen to your radio’s audio while operating, then you’ll appreciate the front panel “Auxiliary” audio output jack.  This jack will accept an external speaker or headphone and can be configured to be active when the SignaLink is ON or OFF.  It can also be set to ALWAYS ON.


  • Flexible Power Requirements - The SL-1+ consumes so little power that it can be powered by the “Accessory Voltage” found on most radio Mic, and Accessory connectors.  This makes for a very simple and clean installation.  On radios that don’t have power available, we have provided an external power jack on the rear panel (matching power plug included with unit).


  • Front Panel Switches and Indicators - A front panel ON/OFF switch is provided to prevent accidental transmissions.  The receive signals are still enabled in the OFF position for convenience in monitoring activity.  Bright LEDs are provided to indicate Power, Delay, and PTT status.

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