BTX-127 CTCSS • VHF/FM Business Band Transceiver is a portable, two-way business radio service transceiver
The transceiver is compact and light, making it an ideal choice for your business needs.
Your transceiver has these features: Programmable Frequencies —
 38-Tone CTCSS (Continuous Tone Control Squelch System)
— helps reduce interference from other transceivers which are operating on the same frequency,
in the same area.
Rechargeable Long-Life Battery Pack and Battery Charger —
 the supplied battery charger lets you conveniently recharge your transceiver’s long-life battery pack while it is on the transceiver.
 PLL-Controlled Circuitry — provides accurate and stable channel selection.
 High/Low Power Switch — lets you increase
 the transmitted signal strength to increase the transceiver’s range, or decrease it to save battery power.
 Earphone/Speaker Jack and External Microphone Jack —
lets you connect an external earphone or speaker and an external microphone to help ensure understandable
communications in noisy areas.
Built-In Modulation Limiter Circuit —
automatically adjusts for a wide variety of voice levels to ensure an understandable transmission.
Battery Low Indicator — shows the battery pack’s condition.
AM 3 Flexible Antenna — provides excellent reception.
Belt Clip — lets you attach the transceiver to your belt or waistband.
The transceiver’s preset frequencies are:
• 151.625 MHz (red dot) • 151.700 MHz • 151.760 MHz • 151.820 MHz • 151.880 MHz • 151.940 MHz
• 151.955 MHz (purple dot) • 154.570 MHz (blue dot) • 154.600 MHz (green dot)



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